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In closing, I would like to offer my thanks to Robert and his team for making this a positive experience with no perceivable downside. I have no hesitation in putting myself forward as a referee to assist anyone who may be considering a similar outcome. My contact details are below, and I would be happy to address any enquiries.

Ian Clark

Head Groundsman, St. Mary's Anglican Girls' School

My name is Sandy Reardon, I am the Pool Manager for the Shire of Morawa in Western Australia. I wish to offer the following comments and say thanks to the team from MinPower for the services provied. ( Click to view full testimonial.)

Sandy Reardon

Pool Manager, Shire of Morawa, Western Australia

I am writing this testimonial to confirm that we, at the Shire of Perenjori, after completely investigating all claims made by MinPower, proceeded with acceptance of their proposal and installed the Hybrid Energy Saver system to our pool. (Click to view full testimonial.)

Diane Rickard

Aquatic Centre Manager, Shire of Perenjori, Western Australia