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About MinPower

Minfree Pty Ltd T/As MinPower

Minfree Pty Ltd operates in the energy management and power reduction market space. Trading as MinPower we are highly experienced professionals in the supply and installation of effective Energy Reduction and Management technologies. MinPower supplies and installs our exclusive HES system. The HES is an easy system for management staff to use and delivers massive savings by reducing power costs associated with the pumping of fluids and gas.

MinPower believes the best way to save energy is not to use it.

HES suits all organisations wishing to obtain control of the electrical energy consumed by their electric motors in almost every application. The HES reduces the power consumption used by the pumping system through a combination of exclusive IP and technical applications. MinPower’s proprietary systems deliver full management of the pumping system and energy consumption otherwise unavailable with existing configurations fitted to a majority of commercial centrifugal motors connected to mains power supplies. Almost all pumping systems installed are operating at 100% load all the time. However, 100% load is required mainly for start-up or in pools for Backwashing. As an example: Pools usually operate 168 hours per week, but backwashing is only required for approximately 1 hour per week. The benefit of HES is it allows the pool manager to control the pool operating load at the preferred lower rate to meet the required demand no matter the time of day or clientele utilising the pool and switch to full load anytime required such as backwashing. This control delivered by HES, following installation, will allow the energy consumption to be reduced up to 60% or more.