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Domestic Pool HES

MinPower’s Hybrid Energy Saver (HES) is also available for domestic swimming pools. MinPower’s 100% money back guarantee always ensures customer confidence in the HES system.

We guarantee 20% energy saving on your existing system or 100% money back.

HES always reduces electricity consumption, minimising the energy required to operate electric motors. HES delivers its electrical management technologies to single phase motors that are fitted to a majority of domestic pools making these simple electric motors the most energy efficient machine they can be. This proprietary system ensures that energy efficiency is maximised with no loss of water quality in the pool.

Following Installation of MinPower’s Hybrid Energy Saver (HES)

    Obtain the following benefits:

Minimised pump house noise 

Reducing your carbon footprint CO2

Improved water filtration

Improved water quality

Full control of the energy settings

Reduction of energy consumption

Smaller power bill

Improved pumping systems

Equipment lifespan improved

No plumbing required

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