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Industrial HES

Industrial motors are expensive to run and finding new and innovative ways to reduce energy costs are a must for business efficiency. Every electric motor is capable of becoming efficient. Leaving your centrifugal motors connected directly to the power source is inefficient and leaves the motor to operate freely, consuming all the energy it can. This expense of uncontrolled energy consumption at full power with no ability to adjust or control this power usage can be rectified. The problem is caused from the electric motor systems being installed directly to the mains or a generator with no intelligent controls, they are simply able to be turned on or off either at the switch or the flow control as demand is required.

MinPower’s Hybrid Energy Saver (HES) delivers the solution, the HES allows all owners to take full control of their electric motor systems all of the time and allows direct control of the power consumed.

HES reduces the operating cost without reducing the motor’s requirements or capability of being at peak operating efficiency at all times.

No matter the application MinPower will assist in delivering a solution to reduce your power costs.

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